person being rescued in a ski sled

Balancing a life split between academic pursuits and professional endeavors across Europe with my deep-rooted commitment to the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Service in Nesselwang has been a journey of resilience and dedication. I started my training when I was just 15 years old and have never stopped since.

From the sun-kissed landscapes of Tenerife to the vibrant university life in Groningen, and the scholarly atmospheres of Marburg and Tübingen in Germany, to collecting my first work experiences in Vienna, Salzburg and Radolfzell. My heart always remained tethered to the Allgäu mountains and the wonderful people of the mountain rescue service.

helicopter landing on a ski slope

Over the years, I've learned that commitment isn't just about being physically present; it's about holding a cause close to your heart, regardless of where life takes you. My journey with the mountain rescue service has been about maintaining this connection and contributing when I returned or simply providing support in other forms.

Through this, I've discovered a profound truth: home isn’t just a place, but also the commitments we keep and the communities we cherish.