man cycling

So, there I was in Groningen, diving headfirst into digital policy and AI regulation, not to mention energy policy in a city sitting on the largest natural gas resources within the European Union. Imagine a classroom that's like a mini-United Nations, but everyone's really into energy debates. From nuclear enthusiasts to oil country natives, the perspectives were as diverse as my attempts to master the Dutch bicycle lanes (spoiler: it's hard first, but just awesome if you mastered it!).

This place wasn't just about hitting the books, it really encouraged fascinating debates and learning from eacht other. I found myself studying harder than ever, driven by the which be best prepared for the next in class discussion. This experience extended beyond the classroom - the city's exceptional cycling infrastructure was both an eye-opener and a standard I yearned for upon my return to Germany. In Groningen, I didn't just learn about policies and regulations; I lived an experience that broadened my horizons in every way imaginable.