In spring 2020, when the world seemed to pause and not just my travel plans were put on hold, I found myself embarking on a profoundly personal journey. It was the year I turned to paragliding - not just as a sport, but as a pursuit of spontaneous discovery, complete autonomy, and entire self-reliance. It was something I always had in the back of my mind, from when I was a little boy, admiring those colorful wings weightlessly cruising around the sky. There just never was the time, the money, the commitment to do it.
My initiation into paragliding wasn't preceded by any tandem experiences; instead, I plunged directly into its depths, driven by a deep-seated certainty that this was what is right for me. Signed up for a course to get my license, bought my first wing and stepped into a world that promised more than just the thrill of flight - it offered a new perspective on life.

Solo Flights: Pure Joy and Freedom

At first, my initial flights in school felt almost underwhelming, surprisingly 'normal'. But as I embarked on my first solo flights, everything changed. I began to experience what flying truly means to me - a state of peace with the world, achieved by momentarily letting go of it. Paragliding sounds almost too good to be true: take a piece of fabric, put some strings and a harness on it, wait for just the right wind, and take off into another dimension. Back in my hometown, I have the luxury of truly embracing what free-flight means to me. After a 1.5-hour hike from my parents' doorstep, I'm rewarded with a remarkable view. And then, I have the opportunity to let go of this world for a few precious minutes, experiencing the freedom that only flight can bring.

photo taken on a paraglider shot into the sunset

Above all, paragliding has been a journey of inner discovery. In the air, every decision - to ascend, to glide, to land - rests solely on my shoulders. It's a realm where responsibility intertwines with freedom, teaching the profound importance of self-reliance. Each flight is a lesson in understanding yourself and the world from a perspective few have the privilege to see.